In this interview Mark calls into question the entire process of public consultation surrounding the Bedford Waterfront. There is a fundamental observation our group has made and it is simply this: If the public was extensively consulted regarding the current vision for the Bedford waterfront the why are there so many in the community unaware. 

During the interview it has come to our attention that our Councillor Tim Outhit claims there is misinformation coming from our group. The irony here is that this group was borne out of misinformation conveyed to the community at a public meeting hosted by WDCL, HRM and Ekistics. As a direct response to Councillor Outhits claim we will begin a new program of releasing documents we have acquired through a federal Freedom of Information request(ATIP through or MP Jeff Regan's office) and a provincial Freedom of Information release (FOYPOP through our MLA Kelly Regan's office)