September 24, 2012

Another article has surfaced regarding the infill project on the Bedford Waterfront. We need to address some issues with this new article. The article uses words like ``paused`` and ``on hold``, please do not confuse these with the word STOPPED!

WDCL can at it`s discretion and as necessary continue to dump acidic pyritic slate into the Bedford Basin and continue the destruction of Crosby Island, the natural reef and Tidal pool. The Province of Nova Scotia is the only body that can truly stop this project on all levels.

It is our group`s quest to have this project stopped completely and have the province institute a `new`consultation process that ensures the residents of this community are represented, consulted and kept informed at every stage.

We are encouraging all residents with an interest in preserving our waterfront properties to attend our public meeting to become informed, voice your opinion and make informed decisions on how to take our waterfronts back! We have invited WDCL, all levels of government and the media to attend our meeting.

Thursday September 27, 7pm at the Bedford Legion