Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We are a grassroots group of concerned citizens calling for PERMANENT closure of Bedford's Acid Rock Disposal Facility on beautiful Bedford Basin. In the early 1990s thirty four acres of public waterway were taken from the community for infilling. There is a strong desire to see the site developed as a park for the community. The Waterfront Development Corporation's current vision for the waterfront has caused considerable concern. Our initiative began back in June 2010 when a father attempted to get answers for his 11 year old son concerned about the the loss of an island & a reef.

Curious what the 2010 vision for the Bedford waterfront looks like? Please note that the following report is 112 pages in length and 12 MB in size. BedfordWaterfrontFinalReport.pdf

Ask yourself the following question after watching this video.

Why is it that a local resident, with patience and a video camera, is able to document productive juvenile fish and migratory bird habitat however a local environmental firm fails to adequately do so in this report? More disturbing is the fact that this is the document that the Department of Fisheries and Ocean requires to approve the destruction of such habitat. When CBC radio host Stephanie Domet questions a DFO biologist about the Bedford waterfront, she gets a few head-scratching answers. Unbelievably, this is a verbatim transcript.

A note regarding our research into water lots on the Bedford waterfront.

In this water lot diagram of the Bedford waterfront, A, B, and C are typical of pre 1867 water lots dotted along, and close to the shoreline of the basin and Halifax Harbour.  Curiously, water lot D (34 acres) is in the shape of a development visioned well after 1867. Documents show water lot  D being transferred  from Her Majesty the Queen to the Halifax Port Corporation on October 22, 1991 and then transferred from the Halifax Port Corporation to the Bedford Waterfront Development Corporation on November 14, 1991. We have yet to see a plot plan or deed description that shows water lot D in existence prior to 1867. If this is the case, it would appear most of the infilling activity is taking place on a water lot that is not pre-confederation.

It is also interesting to note that the first two objectives of the Bedford Waterfront Development Act of 1989 was to look at the establishment of a marine park on the Bedford Waterfront!